Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Present Immediacy And The Gnosis Of No-Separation

In our everyday mode of cognition we believe that we somehow exist outside this very moment. This is a trick of the mind. It solidifies and reifies a memory-constructed self which we are convinced can stand apart from the immediacy of present experience. 

But look closely right now - is there anything that exists, that can exist apart from this unfolding immediacy? Other than as a narrative, where would it abide? 

When this is truly seen, the inner storyline that upholds this autobiographical self recedes and the body-mind-personality becomes functional to the happening of the moment. From here there can arise the gnosis of the ever-fresh living event simply presenting itself.

Separation is upheld in the mind and sustained by (psychological) time. In the immediacy of present actuality there is no past and future and no separation. There is only the ever-fresh unfolding of existence - this mysterious creative dance spontaneously presenting itself.