Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Illusion Of Happened Things

Existence is a seamless event unfolding... the church bells, the rain, the birds, the trees, the rumble of cars.... are the present expression of a living sweep... a living universe happening - not happened.

Happen-ed things do not exist... there is only a happen-ing... this very zinging actual-ness or such-ness of manifestation - reality occurring in real time - going out live - now... as you read this.

Happened things, separate entities, independent objects and so on are thought (and language) constructions - they appear in a freeze-framed virtual reality (the apparent 'then'.)

Right Now there are no such things - just a happening happening. These seeming things, beings and entities are not what they are but how they are in this real time happening - shifting modulations of a great event.

Things don't exist - only the global living event exists.