Sunday, 29 November 2015

What Am I

In one sense there can be an answer or resolution to the question 'who/what am I?' but in another sense it is unanswerable. 

We can become clear on the question of misidentification. We can become clear on what we are not (i.e. that which we thought we were.)

And yet, what THIS is, is beyond descriptions, designations and formulas. 

Attempting to pin down the nature of THIS with endless (and it is endless) metaphysical conjecture is to completely miss the point. 'Something' is happening, something is going on, something ultimately inexplicable* and in moments of quietude there can be a sense/recognition 'ahh… this is so obvious… THIS is what I am… I am Life… that's what this is… Life simply happening…'

The rest is the mind's insatiable need for ideation and embellishment. 

* I don't know what it is, no one does, no one ever did, we can call it Life, Reality, Source, Oneness, Awareness or xxx, it doesn't matter, these are just placeholders for something ineffable.