Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Cold Fresh Air (Liquid Life Pt 2)

Let's take a closer look.

1. What can/must become clear with the littlest investigation is that all so called 'things' are in fact processes. All seeming entities are in flux. They are transforming (often imperceptibly so) from one apparent state to another. All that is ever found is motion, flow, transformation, process.

2. Also, with a little reflection it can be seen that these transforming states cannot occur in isolation. Without possible exception, every seeming separate process is dependent on conditions - which in turn are dependent on further ever-extending conditions.

3. From here there can be a kind of visceral consolidation of the above. Resting in the direct perception of the unfolding present, a deep recognition can occur: it can become overwhelmingly clear that reality/existence is a happening, an event, an activity - and all the seemingly independent forms, entities and manifestations are (so to speak) the patternings or modulations of this event. Look... nothing has happen-ed - it's all happening live... now... this! This is the shift - the coming round from the illusion of things - into the cool fresh air of this living event.

[Again, please let me emphasize here that in order for nondual reality to be the case, no reflection, meditation, insight (or anything else) is necessary - it's already the case. Yet in order for the 'seeing that nondual reality is already the case' to be manifest, the, er... 'seeing that nondual reality is already the case' is required.]